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Sell Your Scrap

At Denton Auto Salvage, we don't just sell parts: we recycle them as well. Most mechanical and electrical parts that we sell have a small core charge attached to them to encourage you to bring back your bad part and recycle it. This ranges from engines, transmissions and axles to batteries, alternators, speedometers and computers, as well as several other parts that we are able to recycle.

Don't take your old parts to the dump. Bring them back to us so that we can get them to businesses that rebuild those parts and keep the cost of new parts lower. This also allows us to have better availability of remanufactured products to sell you in the future. Do you have some old batteries laying in the garage? Bring them to us and we will buy them at core price from you even if you don't buy one from us.

At Denton Auto we also buy your old vehicles. Whether your vehicle was in a wreck, broke down, or just isn't reliable any more, bring it to us and we will give you the best price available for the condition of the vehicle. Call 785-437-2223 for the best price today!